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Our team at MBA TECH PARK work ceaselessly to offer you a wide range of professional services in and outside the computer world of technologies. You can also Contact Us if you want to know more about the services we render to our customers.

Brand Identity

MBA TECH PARK stand-out unique amongst its competitors in the world of Tech-Know-How.

Knowledge Base

MBA TECH PARK offers you brainstorming ideas that can help you as an average person.

Supporting You

Young computer gurus are not to be left out as MBA TECH PARK offers support to deserving persons.

Professional Design

Unique and professional Web Design and Graphic Design can be found here at MBA TECH PARK

Software Development

We offer Software Development for a wide range of platforms such as Android, iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, Fedora etc.

Clean Code

Ever wanted to code but don't know where to start? Well, we offer lots of tutorial classes for a wide range of programming languages

About us

MBA TECH PARK is a Non-Governmental Organization that is established to harness and elevate the potential in young technocrats around the world. MBA TECH PARK is known globally for its quality and genuine services.

MBA TECH PARK was founded in December, 2015 by Eng. Bilal Aslam because of his wide knowledge in Computer Software & Hardware Engineering, including his great programming skills in Web Development, Software Development, Database Management, Graphic Design, Mobile Application Development and many more.....

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Our Portfolio

Here are some visual representations of our abilities, skills, capabilities, knowledge, qualities and potential. Some materials in this section represent tangible work related events at MBA TECH PARK.


School Management System

Web, Software, Design, SMS

Software Development

Software Development

Software, App, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac

Graphic Design

Professional Graphic Designs

Photoshop, Illustrator, Design, Photography


SEO Brand Optimization

SEO, Web, AdMob, Analytics, Ads


Responsive Website Development

Web, Design, Responsiveness


Professional Web Hosting

Web, Hosting, Server, VPS, Cloud


Knowledge Base

Web, Software, Design, Tutorials


Mockup Designs

Web, Software, Mockup, Adobe, Design

The Team

Meet the root of our Company's tree. They are the major members of the Company's team. They are the people behind the successful movement of this Company.

Founder and CEO

Malik Bilal Aslam

Founder & CEO

He works hard to combine his expert technical knowledge with a real eye for design. Working with clients from a wide range of industries around the world. He is the one that makes the Company tick.

Software Engineer

Adnan Asghar


Being a Creative Director and Engineer is not an easy task, but Adnan loves what he does. His effective combination of knowledge and expertise has made him become an important pillar in our agency.


Waqas Ali

Manging Director

Waqas is a simple fun-loving guy who is conversant with managing all projects with great love and care.Morever he is also the legal advisor of the company.

Founder and CEO

Umair Aslam

Requirement Engineer/ Translator

Umair has been always passionate about getting requirements and meeting with different clients from different countries so he is a great requirement engineer as he understand requirement more clearly.

Software Engineer

Tahir Muhadiudin

Web Developer/UI Designer

Tahir is a great web developer as he spent most of his time to work with web technologies and designing new templates and cms for clients.


Abdul Qayyum

App Developer

Abdul Qayyum is a funny guy spent most of his time with app developement and to make us happy with jokes.Morever he is a ANP certified android app developer.


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Fast Support

Featured Pricing Table For Classes

Our team offers you great tutorial classes which you will definitely find interesting because of our great user friendly interaction technique. As we need no customer regrets, we have made all our tutoring plans FREE for now so as to suite the needs of our customers.

Free Plan

  • Introductory Python Classes
  • Introductory HTML/CSS Classes
  • Introductory Javascript Classes
  • Introductory JQuery Classes
  • Introductory SQL Classes
  • Introductory PHP Classes
  • Introductory Java Classes
  • Introductory Photoshop Classes
  • Introductory Illustrator Classes
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Basic Plan

  • Basic Python Classes
  • Basic HTML/CSS Classes
  • Basic Javascript Classes
  • Basic JQuery Classes
  • Basic SQL Classes
  • Basic PHP Classes
  • Basic Java Classes
  • Basic Photoshop Classes
  • Basic Illustrator Classes
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Professional Plan

  • Professional Python Classes
  • Professional HTML Classes
  • Professional Javascript Classes
  • Professional JQuery Classes
  • Professional SQL Classes
  • Professional PHP Classes
  • Professional Java Classes
  • Professional Photoshop Classes
  • Professional Illustrator Classes
  • Professional Android Classes
  • Professional C++ Classes
  • Professional Visual Basic Classes
  • Professional Node.JS Classes
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